Fight Back Against Flying, Stinging Pests

Put us in charge of your wasp extermination job in Humble, TX

The only thing worse than having an unwelcome backyard visitor is having one that's territorial. If aggressive wasps are threatening your loved ones or pets, they've got to go. That's where Green Services Termite and Pest Control comes in. Hire our wasp exterminator in Humble, TX to make sure every wasp and nest is cleared from your property.

We'll apply pesticides as needed to make your wasp problem a thing of the past. Turn to us for wasp extermination services today.

Why hire a professional exterminator?

If wasps have made your attic, porch or playground their new home, it's important to schedule professional wasp extermination services ASAP. Trying to eliminate pests yourself can be:

  • Expensive - don't waste your money on costly wasp sprays when you don't know the source of the problem
  • Ineffective - don't spend time, money and energy getting rid of wasps that will be back in a matter of days
  • Dangerous - don't risk getting stung by angry wasps when you knock down their nest
Hire a wasp exterminator with the proper equipment and expertise to get the job done right. Call 832-493-5277 now to schedule an appointment.